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by Venetia Carpenter

LIFE OUTSIDE THE MATRIX by Venetia Carpenter

This is a book that details the beginning of living a lifestyle of Faith that refused to look at the circumstances of life but instead looks in the spirit realm and lives life from this place based on the word of Jesus alone. A lifestyle that will not allow the mind to dictate the posture of the heart causing it to fear but instead looks to previous ‘faith encounters’ and proceeds with the assurance that Jesus was and still is the provision for every need. This is my account of obedience, trusting, and learning to walk in supernatural realms of faith I never really understood nor knew existed.

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I've personally known and worked alongside Venetia Carpenter for the last 5 years at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO. In that time, I've witnessed a mighty woman of faith who carries a heart of deep compassion and at the same time, a living awareness of her authority in Christ. Her number one passion is ministering to God in the place of prayer and worship and out of that place, she selflessly pours herself into others imparting what she has received from the Lord. "Life outside the Matrix" is such a timely word for our generation. We are moving into an unprecedented time of glory and crisis in the earth, and this book is one of those books that contains keys for us to not only survive the coming hour, but to actually thrive in the midst of it all.
Corey Russell, International Speaker/Author
Senior Leadership - International House of Prayer KC

In this book which takes on the tone of a diary of Venetia's own experience, she invites readers on a journey of faith. Venetia shares how she learned to depend on the Lord at new levels going beyond circumstances to look into the eyes of Jesus for her next steps. I respect Venetia's journey and am eager to learn from her experiences.
Linda Fields, Director
The Joseph Co IHOPKC

As I read through the pages of chosen chapters of this life changing and mind altering book, I came to realize that this is a must read for every Christ follower. Venetia focuses on having a supernatural faith in Jesus who is the Author and Finisher of our faith. The information that she shares is so needed in this world where the Body of Christ is shrinking in their faith and are in need of a resurge…in need of “supernatural faith”. I recommend this book to all, whether a babe in Christ or one who is mature in their faith walk.
Barbara Jewell Banks, Director
Celebrate Jesus Ministries

This work represents instruction for the born again believer to be invited into new and next realm thinking. Most who are seeking the next steps in Christ will find the rigor of religion is not at all enough. Living outside the matrix calls for the soul’s surrender unto the supernatural. It is derived from intimacy with Father God driven by the inner urgency (the draw of the Holy Spirit) to hear and listen. What the reader will receive will be honest, influential and impactful. Come to know the deeper things of God not as an underground tunnel but as an overhead passageway: accept this invitation to walk in newness.
Gina S. Houston, Evangelist
Regional Coordinator Kansas City Purpose and Destiny

In her latest book, Life outside the Matrix, Venetia introduces and exhorts the reader to begin a divine journey. As our world grows darker, absolute trust in Jesus will be our only option as we see ‘life as normal’ change all around us. Venetia takes the reader along on her own journey in the realms of supernatural faith and invites the reader to pursue their own journey with Christ. A timely book for every believer to read and apply in their own lives in these uncertain days we live in.
Lenny LaGuardia
Sr. VP, Ministries and Justice, International House of Prayer KC

Venetia Carpenter is a long-time friend whom I know as a committed follower of Jesus. This book is not about theology or doctrine, but about her journey of faith in which she has faced devastating circumstances; but instead of folding she has found a deeper and more satisfying faith walk with her Lord. You will be blessed and helped in your journey of faith as you prayerfully read Venetia's latest book, Life Outside the Matrix.
Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt, Author & President of Hyatt Int'l Ministries

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